It is a sad day in the Tempest Rising camp.

We announce that our long time drummer and friend Matty James is going to be leaving us.

As you all know, Matty is a phenomenal drummer and we absolutely hate to see him go. You’ve got to follow your own aspirations and we totally respect him and his decision to leave. Matty James’ skill behind the kit has been crucial in transforming Tempest Rising into the band we are today and for this we can never fully thank him. His dedication to his craft and to the band over the years has been uncompromising, allowing us achieve some amazing things. We have toured Australia, Europe and Japan together as well as creating and recording our album Alter Ego. The countless adventures we have been through together will never be forgotten.

We wish Matty the absolute best in his future endeavours.

As a tribute to our friend and drummer for the past few years, we wanted to do something that would immortalise him in the most rad of ways. So we got a shirt made with his likeness killing a zombie of himself, following the theme of our latest album Alter Ego! This shirt will be ready for pre-order soon! So keen and eye out!