“Alter Ego is an album that has been worth waiting for” Michelle O’Rance / Sounds Of The Underground

“I just wanted it to be big! Like a hammer to the face where people listen to it and hear a wall of sound and goodness,” Trikeriotis says enthusiastically.

Tempest Rising have become a staple on the metal scene in Perth in the last few years and with a few international support slots along the way to help boost the band’s profile, it seems things are only getting bigger for the band. But more importantly, it’s the music itself that counts the most and without that all too important ingredient outside of a killer live show, a band has nothing to showcase. Fortunately for Tempest Rising they have the goods and their latest album “Alter Ego” not only shows an evolution for the band but proof that they have what it takes to go next level.

The atmosphere was electric as Tempest Rising took to the stage. With a reputation around Australia as a formidable live band they brought brutally heavy guitar tones and the impressive vocal range of lead singer Vin Trikeriotis. The set was spotlessly delivered groove metal madness all pulled together by shredding guitars and perfectly delivered clean vocal choruses. Tempest Rising stand tall at the forefront of the WA metal scene and tonight’s show proved why. The now intoxicated and sweaty crowd rewarded them by shouting along and hurling their bodies around like lunatics. This was arguably the set of the night.

Tempest Rising: Alter Ego

Tempest Rising from Perth, Australia are giving me a hard time, reviewing their second album “Alter Ego” with only a few words. The variety and versatility presented within a bit more than 45 minutes is sheerly enormous. If Trivium, Dog Eat Dog, Skindred, Venom, Slayer, and Days in Grief had a huge orgy on LSD, maybe the bastard child of this event could sound like Tempest Rising. Gigantic Thrash Metal riffing interlinks with Metalcore breaks. This melange is complemented by ice cold Black Metal leads and Emocore harmony.