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"… the crowd and everyone took turns filming the insanity of the relentless mosh pit… as soon as Vin’s amazing vocals cut through the seemingly hypnotized crowd went completely berserk …" – The Rock Pit

Forming late 2012, Tempest Rising have established themselves as one of Australia’s most unique and individual Alternative Metal Acts. With a blend of hard hitting groovy riffs, soaring chorus’, fast past thrash driven verses and the unique style of lead vocalist Vin who is often compared to the likes of Howard Jones (Killswitch Engage) and Bruce Dickenson (Iron Maiden).

Touring around Australia multiple times to critical acclaim as well as an International Tour around Japan with black metal juggernauts Marduk. Tempest Rising have worked hard, and thanks to that hard work have been able to share the stage with a plethora of huge international acts. Such as Arch Enemy, Sevendust, Drowning Pool, Apocolyptica, Trapt, Saliva and more!

This love of music and fans can be seen in any of their energetic live shows and when meeting fans during meet and greets, of which they encourage the punters to do after any show. Always sharing a laugh and a beer with their dedicated fans.

The boys are currently working on a new album and are nearing completion with their Debut Album ‘Transmutation’ available on all forms of digital download and streaming. The new album is going to be much heavier and groovier than the first and can be seen in the newest release from Tempest Rising is Singularity. Just a small taste of what to expect from this Australian powerhouse of Metal. 



Vin is the front man of the band, always screaming at things/people/animals. Lucky for him, when he does it on stage people just assume it’s part of the show. Vin’s vocal style is drawn from his many influences in Rock and Metal over the past few decades that has given him the ability to switch from soaring cleans to guttural screams. It makes for an entertaining live performance.

Tempest Rising: Vin Trikeriotis



The original founding member of Tempest Rising, James is the backbone of the band. His grooving melodic rhythm guitars fill out the sound that is Tempest Rising. James grew up a local boy of Bassendean, is heavily into his Cricket and his flying V guitars of which he has 6 and counting. James is also the responsible one of Tempest Rising, which isn’t saying much as he constantly gets into trouble on tour and the boys have lost him many-a-time to the local Strip Clubs.

Tempest Rising: James Ward-Armstrong



Daniel has been a lead guitarist since his 9 month stint in his mother’s womb. He has grown up around the 6 string and anyone who has seen Tempest Rising live, can see that love and dedication in his live performances. Daniel is a musician through and through, growing up in Melbourne and moving to Perth just to join Tempest Rising in 2016. Daniel is also the party animal of the band and is always passing out in weird and wonderful places.

Tempest Rising: Daniel James



What can we say about Matty, his beard is wild as are his skills on the drums. Keeping the beat while the rest of Tempest go nuts on stage. Matty is a fervent partaker of Alcohol and Partying. Second only to his older brother Daniel the lead guitarist. On tour, Matty always keeps the band laughing at his insane jokes and hilarious antics.

Tempest Rising: Matty James



Jarrad is the most Zen member of the band. Focused on his craft as the bassist as well as keeping in touch with his Spiritual self. Jarrad is definitely the most quotable member of Tempest as you can see on ANY of the tour/promo videos we upload. His ability to be chill AF in any situation is mind boggling, some would say his chill level is over 9000 …

Tempest Rising: Jarrad Cracknell

About US

Blistering live shows and an original groove metal sound. Tempest Rising has shared the stage with Arch Enemy, Sevendust, Drowning Pool, Apocolyptica, Trapt, Saliva, Marduk and more. With 2 full national tours and an international tour under their belt, Tempest Rising is a Perth Metal band to keep your eye on.


Tempest Rising: Alter Ego

Alter Ego



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