March 2019 Tempest Rising took their raw and energetic stage performance all the way from the sandy beaches of Perth, Western Australia to the North. The far north. Europe. For nearly 2 months Tempest Rising travelled from Berlin, Germany to Moscow, Russia and many countries in between. 20 shows in total. Fully self funded. Tempest Rising went on an adventure not many people will ever experience in their life times.

In the carousel above are some of the images Vin captured while Tempest Rising toured Europe. You can check out many many more on their Instagram Profile and Facebook Account. Tempest Rising are already in talks with multiple touring agencies to take their brand of Modern Groove Metal to South Africa, America and BACK to Europe!

Tempest Rising filmed a lot of their shenanigans while on tour and decided to throw together a music video for a song off their new album ALTER EGO. It is compiled of clips only taken on tour throughout Europe. The song is called “Burn Them Down”.

See you soon!