So, Tempest Rising don’t like to stay in one place for too long. They get that tour itch. Currently they are working on a sizeable tour through Europe. Not touring with any massive bands or playing any massive shows. They decided to go on a local-style circuit. Hire/Buy a Van and go Road-Trippin’ style. It will be an experience of a life time.

The last tour they went on was a massive tour spanning the great country of Australia. Tempest Rising drove over 18000kms in 4 weeks and playing shows in Perth, Adelaide, Melbourne, Bendigo, Brunswick, Sydney, Canberra, Marrickville, Fortitude Valley and in the middle of Australia, Alice Springs.

Some of the highlights of the Trippin’ Around Australia Tour was playing at Frankie’s Pizza Bar in Sydney. Free pizza and beer. What’s not to love. Worth checking out if you’re ever in Sydney and looking for something to do for the night.

Matty and Daniel James are both from Victoria growing up in little country town known as Montrose. Tempest decided to stop there for a few days to party it up with their old man, a few mates from back in the day and a shit load of alcohol, plus other party treats …

It was a pretty full on few days, of which we can remember very little. Check out Episode 4: GTA Capitol City. It has a sneak peek of what the lads got up to while crashing at Mr James’ place in the country. Not all of it could be shown, because then the videos would have been uploaded to RedTube instead of YouTube.

It was an amazing experience and you can see 6 mini episodes of the trip on Tempest Rising’s Facebook and YouTube pages.