Tempest Rising are currently hitting the studio working hard on their latest release. It’s been 4 years since the release of their debut album Transmutation which has seen the band become one of Perth’s best metal commodities. Travelling around Australia twice on the back of that album alone. “The Transmutation Tour” and the “Trippin’ Around Australia Tour” were both great success in growing the bands fan base around Australia and strengthening the bonds between the members in the band.

While the lads in Tempest Rising like to tour and party as often as possible, they have been hard at work on the second album and it is almost fully laid down. A few touch ups here and there and then the album will be sent off to Forrester Savell for mixing and mastering. Forrester is known for his work on Twelve Foot Ninja’s album “One Handed Killing”, Karnivool’s “Sound Awake” and “Themata” albums and many more.

Above is some drafted artwork of the new album. Which will be called “Alter Ego”. Vocalist and front-man, Vin Trikeriotis admits that he is often at war with his emotions and thoughts. Thoughts that oftentimes would not be socially acceptable or understood by the general public. His lyrical content is a way of clearing his mind and allowing himself to say what he normally couldn’t. Bassist Jarrad Cracknell was the brains behind the naming of the album, coming up with it while on tour when Vin expressed these thoughts to him over … perhaps … one too many shots of tequila.

The album touches on the themes of Sexuality, Depression, Self-Worth, Religion and Death. Vin doesn’t hold back when writing lyrics and likes to think of his lyrics as a result of Psychography, automatic writing or “spirit writing”. This could also just be the weed and/or alcohol talking. Either way. He wears it all out there on his sleeve.

The new album ALTER EGO, will be available mid 2018.